“Take Bill Clinton’s daughter. If she’s
willing to expose herself to learning about
hip-hop, what she has to do is leave the
White House and come live in the South
Bronx or Brooklyn. If she lives there —
nobody knowing that it’s the President’s
daughter or nothing — she has to meet a
guy, he has to dog her out. Dis her. Then
she got to meet a guy that she really likes
and dis him. Then she has to go to a party,
get caught up in a fight. Maybe she’s not
fighting, but see it. Feel the tension of it.
She has to drive with three other Black
youths in a car, and they driving and the
police are looking at them. She has to feel
the tension with the Black youth, and know
what that shit feels like. If she can
withstand that, then she too can become a
(Vibe, November 1995).


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