Joe Budden: Who Killed Hip Hop Extracts

Posted: May 29, 2012 in Hip Hop Quote of the day!
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Artist: Joe Budden
Track: Who Killed Hip Hop

I mean All the content is the same it won’t differ
Everybody sold some drugs and pulled triggers
The more you think about it you just gon’ get sicker
And why the fuck nas wanna call shit “nigga” Nigga

Or did one hit wonder’s change it all along?
They made labels only wanna sign a dude’s song
And you really don’t know shit if you think the fans pick the video’s on 106
I’m just statin the truth…

We buyin our own records maybe no-one’s to blame
Or we a buissness that we can’t afford to maintain
The 2nd week show that boy that numbers ain’t high
I hate to break it to ya numbers always lie

I mean some of them are fooled so easly
By whatever we say or show em’ on tv
But that was all part of the plan
Or was it when eminem made stan I swear some of these fan’s
They put they whole life on the line
It’s like they can’t like more than one rapper at a time
Less about the product more about the digits
Is it buissness we got less fans and more critics

Now it’s fuck the bars if your hook is fly
So we look at crooked I with a crooked eye
Us dope ass rappers ain’t seein no dough
If everythings commercial wher the fucks the show
But anybody makin a dime I’m gonna wish well
Still we took a big L losing big L
Or was it when you tube came in the game
Now nobody’s from they livin room can make a name

I can’t explain it I don’t know what to tell ya’
Now goin gold is looked at as a failure
Maybe old cats in charge just wern’t able
Dj’s is spinnin now with no turn table
Maybe the fans are just bored of us
Or maybe there ain’t enough room for all of us

If we could rewind the world
We wouldn’t have to watch flava flave try to find his girl

Check out the blog, I would’ve happily uploaded the whole track but hope you enjoyed the above.

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