Klashnekoff: Its Murda

Posted: May 29, 2012 in Hip Hop Quote of the day!
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“I’m not ready to die but ever ready for
bury a guy
They’re not ready for I
I can see the fear in they eye
Scared of the rhymes that ricochet and tear
them inside
N fear for they lives
Prepare and try to stare in they eyes
Wife cry bucket of tears
When the brare get iced but that’s life
Its all lies write rhythms like a dive spit
cyanide saliv’
N blind they left eye
Subliminal crime snipe you in the back of
ya mind
With killer quotes and one lines that cuts
throats like knives
Baffle da vibes come fathom how the fuck
did he die
With tux and a tie with 21 bucks to the sky
Askin’ me y a brethren is deeper then I
This piece by my side lookin’ to eat a piece
of the pie”


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