Kurupt (Featuring Krs One): Live on the Mic

Posted: June 4, 2012 in Hip Hop Quote of the day!
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Yeah, no doubt
I Be kurupt the raw dog and i’m droppin
every emcee from here to Compton
Raw dog, assassin when you see me comin’ through, blastin
Don’t matter no harrassin, they won’t lastin’
The last round, the last nigga knocked down
Provocative sound, droppin’ off round for round
and pound for pound, i be from the Dogpound
It’s me a Kris, nigga you can eat my dick
I break them down so quick, you can’t fuck with this
The lyricist poltergiest is way nice
Break and take them in freezers just like ice
Fuck around with me, O.G
Yo, we so precise”


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