Papa was a Rolling Stone: A look at how the offspring of Rap Veterans are creating their own style of music to compete.

Posted: February 9, 2013 in Hip Hop Editorials, Uncategorized
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Nepotism has been a common theme in almost every sector, Presidents, Media giants and even athletes have all used their contact base to launch the careers of their offspring and family. Others have been influence by family members to enter the industry.

I think its fair when analysing hip hop not to stay focused on one area (gangsta rap) so o get a balance have a look at the kids of Will and Jada Smith. Willows first song “whip my hair” was a huge commercial hit but the follow up singles which featured Nikki Minaj etc. went met with the same positive reviews and her album has been delayed for this year. Jayden on the other hand has got involved with the movie star aspect of being a star. He did release a self-published mix tape last year but I think it’s safe to say he will be concentrating
on developing as an actor before he continues with music.

The name Diggy Simonds among rap fans is becoming a household name. The son of Rev Run from RunDMC, Diggys flow was shown to the rest of the world during a BET Cypher with fellow rapper Ice Cube and his kids. For anyone outside of the USA (like myself) this was the first instance where I took notice of this young rapper. After working with top producers such as DJ Premier in 2012 Diggy released his long awaited debut which boasted production from the likes of Jay Z and features from Jadakis. Diggy has been acclaimed by other rappers such as Kanye West who was quoted as saying “I knew this guy would do it”. As well as the album Diggy has released a clothing line, had his own TV show and even stared in his own film. His debuted was met with positive reviews and it’s pretty clear that thus kid is on fire right now.

In 2000 an artist from the westcoast emerged known as Hood Surgeon with a few songs but nothing really proffcient enough to create a buzz. A few years on and he changed his name to Curtis Young the biological son of Dr Dre. It seems that as with the name change Young’s music has also matured and so far he has appeared on a few mix tapes which has created a huge buzz for an album to drop. He has stated several times that he would like to revive the west coast like his father and Bing in new sounds, he has also stated his first love was writing poems at age 11. Let’s hope he dosnt take a long as Dre to drop an album or we can add Curtis Young to the list of MCs we wanted but never delivered.

Ice cubes first gave a glimpse of his two sons entering into the rap game during a BET cypher which also had the sons of rapper Runs two children. The cypher received positive reviews and shortly after Cube enlisted his two sons “OMG” and “Dohboy” on two tracks of his album “I Am The West”. A trap that the new artists can fall into is trying to replicate the same sound as their fathers. Cube has stated publicly that his two sons were brought up in a different world from the LA riots and gangbanging Cube saw when he was starting out. This outlook is shown through there lyrics which are by no means as hard-core as their dads work but still provides users with that new west coast style that has started trending. OMG released his first mix tape “Jacking for Beats” where he aps over popular current beats. The tape was met with favourable reviews and both rappers will soon feature in the NWA movie if it is very made alongside Dr Dre and Eazys E sons.

In 2009 Eminems brother had produced a demo of his music as a taster of things to come. A few years later it was reported that he had attained two DUIs in two stays which would delay his albums release as it would conflict with touring. He took the name Nate Kane and has tried to differentiate his music from his brothers by stating “I want to focus on songs that get played in clubs” compared to Eminem’s more hard-core tone. From hearing his most popular single “slide on over” it’s clear he’s not trying to get by under the Shady name, but similar rhythm patterns and style can be seen as similar to his brothers. Nate has credited his writing influence from Eminem as he was able to witness first-hand how Eminem wrote and created his own style. Publically Eminem hasn’t really supported Nate Music but this could be the result of Eminem focusing more on developing other artists (currently slaughterhouse/yellawolf) than promoting his brother. Never the less Nate Kane has had a small buzz in areas such as Detroit and getting some of his tracks played in local clubs.

When Eazy E died from Aids his son (soon to be known as Lil Eazy E) was only ten. The death of one of the biggest rappers in hiphop was the start of a slow decline of the west coast leading the rap game. As he got older he became an ambassador for promoting HIV awareness. After his dads death Ruthless records also started to decline as a company. With Tomica Wright (eazys wife) taking over acts like Bone thugs who were cash cows for ruthless began expanding their music outside of the label. Lil eazy e has released around four mixtapes and was set to launch a debut album a few years back entitled “Prince of Compton” after creating the initial buzz the album went into limbo and never got released. Lil Eazy had publicly beefed rapper Game claiming he was using his father’s name to much in his music which was why his music was selling. Game responded with a few lines on “120 Bars” but stated after he didn’t feel right beefing Lil Eazy as he had too much respect for his father. It’s clear that Lil Eazy has got support from rappers such as Daz, bone thugs and BG Knockout who was all affiliated with his dad, but as far as a debut album is concerned the finished product seems far away. It has been stated that he will zoom play the part of his father in the NWA movie however with this also being delayed it seems for the time being he is concentrating on promoting other artist as well as making more music which gets respected air time from Compton Djs.

Rapper and Ex magazine owner Benzino also brought his son into the game known as “Cool Breeze Ray”. The artist is still quite young and aside from a few tracks that have been released over the last few years the lack of music being made can be credited with the decline of the hype. Eminem famously dissed Benzino regarding him bringing his son into the game “you even brought your in son to try to eat of him because you missed your boat”. Benzino has stated he doesn’t want his kids to go into the rap industry as a primary source of income. An analysis of Cool Breeze style and flow are generally pretty good, from the last few songs thstv have been heard its clear he has created his own rhythm and style but in terms of a debut it seems it’s a long time coming.

Honourable mentions: Justice the son of rapper GZA who has had some input onto some Wu projects but watch this space as his voice has been cruised for not sounding mature enough over the beats, but time will tell.

Big L How come you can listen to my first album And tell where a lot of niggas got they whole style from?


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