The Rugrats Theory.

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The theory below will give you chills!

The truth of the Rugrats
This is the whole story:
The Rugrats really were a
figment of Angelica’s
Chucky died a long time ago
along with this mother, that’s
why Chaz is a nervous wreck all
the time.
Tommy was a stillborn, that’s
why Stu is constantly in the
basement making toys for the
son who never had a chance to
The DeVilles had an abortion,
Angelica couldn’t figure whether
it would be a boy or a girl thus
creating the twins
As for “All Grown Up” Angelica
was a bipolar schizophrenic
who, as a teenager became
addicted to various Narcotics,
bringing her back to her
childhood and thus her
creations she obsessed over,
because of time lapse between
the present and the last time
she interacted with her
creations, she made them older,
Angelica was constantally taking
hits of acid, so she would never
have to live without her
creations who were her only
company, in a judgemental
Angelica’s mom actually died of
a heroine overdose, Angelica
was schizophrenic/bipolar
because she was a crack baby,
additionaly Drew in his
depression married a gold
digging whore, that Angelica
idolized because she fooled
herself into thinking it was her
real mom, but always had a
concept of her mom, Cynthia,
and took a barbie doll, and
made it after her mom’s image,
wearing an unwashed oranged
dress, and having jacked up
hair, which is why she was so
attached to it, later in life she
followed in her mom footsteps
w/ drugs and everything, dieing
of overdose at age 13 when All
Grown Up! was “canceled”
The only rugrat not to be
fictional however, was unborn
Tommy’s brother Dil, however
Angelica didnt know the
differace between Dil and her
creations, Dil didnt follow her
commands, after endless crying
and a refusal to disapear like
the others did when angelica
was angry with them, she hit
him. And she hit him, screaming
a screaching tune, Stu ran in
and pulled his neice off of his
only child, but it was too late,
he had a brain hemerage, which
resulted in a deformation, as he
grew up his damage only
became more evident, by the
time he was 9 in All Grown Up!
He lived as an outcast, being
ridiculed for his weirdness, and
retardation, the immense guilt
over this is what led to her drug
use and is what led Angelica to
un-create the rugrats breifly,
until her expericance w/
On a trip to Paris to find love,
Chaz married a hooker named
Kira (He was actually going to
marry a differant hooker, but
she just wanted him for his
money), who had a daughter
named Kimi that was torn from
her because she was a cocaine
addict (Angelica imagined her
from Kira’s stories), he lost his
mind after the death of his wife
and was in denial that she was
ever prostitue, upon return to
America, Chaz and Kira married
and she got her greencard, it
was actually a really happy/
romantic story, Kira continually
stuggled with addiction, but was
relatively happy w/ her life, and
Suzie was actually Angelica’s
only friend, who entertained the
thought of Angelica’s creations,
for her, She later became a
phycologist and teamed up w/
Nickelodeon to make the
Rugrats! When Angelica died of
drug overdose, she helped
arrange her funeral, Angelica’s
death was sad, because of her
addiction, she was expelled
from society, which lead to a
break with reality, and her
eventual death, she spent the
last days of her life in the back
of the school cafeteria,
imagining friends around her,
and playing with the lives of her
Yes, the cartoon has the babies
as real people because of adult
interaction with them. But, do
you think that nickelodeon
could’ve gotten the idea of
Rugrats from this tragic
storyline? I bet somewhere out
there something like this has
Do you think that something like
this took place?

  1. Anita says:

    It’s true that Angelica was based on a real girl, but it’s not quite what the Rugrats Theory says. See here for the story:

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