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“I get a craving like I fiend for nicotine
But I don’t need a cigarette, know what I mean?
I’m raging, ripping up the stage and
Don’t it sound amazing ’cause every rhyme is made and

Thought of, ’cause it’s sort of an addiction
Magnetized by the mixing”

Eric B & Rakim
Track: Microphone Fiend
Album: Follow The Leader
Year: 1988



“C’mon c’mon, yeah, c’mon, yeah nigga what, what a surprise
Get ya sumn’, make a nigga close both of your eyes
All my niggas gettin’ money capitalize
Die little small guy,
we on the rise
Everything a niGga touch platinumize
Fully equipped, you know we come wit’ all the supplies
Got a big gun, and I’ma show you the size

You fuck wit’ any of my Flipmode family ties”

Busta Rhymes
Track: Gimmi Some More
Year: 1998
Album: E.L.E. (Extinction Level Event): The Final World Front 

“We want sanitary food  Planetary conquest
Thug peoples on some hard cold body shit
Get your shit together before the fuckin’ Illuminati hit…”  

Artist: Wu Tang Clan
Track: Impossible
Album: Wu Tang Forever
Year: 1997

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“I’ve been real all my life, they
confuse it with deceit
Since I will not lose, they try to help
him cheat
But I will not lose, for even in defeat
There’s a valuable lesson learned, so
it evens it up for me
When the grass is cut, the snakes
will show”

Jay z
Track: Blueprint 2
Album: The Blueprint 2

“And just like the Prodigal Son I’ve returned

Anyone steppin’ to me you’ll get burned
‘Cause I got lyrics and you ain’t got none
So if you come to battle bring a shotgun”

House Of Pain
Track: Jump Around
Album: House of Pain (Album) 1992

“Excuse me Doug E Fresh
Have you ever seen a show with fellas on the mic
With one minute rhymes that don’t come out right
They bite, they never right, that’s not polite
Am I lying?
No, you’re quite right
Well tonight on this very mic you’re about to hear
We swear, the best darn rappers of the year
So, so, cheerio, yell, scream bravo
Also, if you didn’t know this is called The Show”

Doug E Fresh
Track: The Show 1985