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In the early days Yella was part of the Electric group the World Class Wreckin Crew and noted for producing hit records for Eazy-E’s debut album Eazy-Duz-It and all three N.W.A albums. Prior to this Dr Dre and Yella were also official DJs on “Kday” Radio, this led to Yella becoming the official DJ for all future NWA shows. During the NWA drama Yella stayed Loyal to Eazy and helped him to build Ruthless Records through producing for acts like Bone Thugs n Harmony. After the death of Eazy E Yella it seems took a sabbatical  In 1996 he produced the album “One Mo Nigga Ta Go” featuring the remaining Ruthless Records roster spitting over his beats. The album didnt receive as much recognition as his NWA counterparts and was considered a flop by the All Music Guide. Yella has stated the album flopped due to bad timing of promotion.

After the failure of a rap career and without the guidance of his peers Yella left the rap game to focus on directing porn films. After producing over 250 films through the website, Yella began making soundtracks for films enlisting help from Mc Ren.

Yella wasn’t present during the NWA reunion era, even during live shows (Up In Smoke Tour). Interviews and clips have surfaced over the years but nothing substantial enough to feed rap concessioner s. Yella has stated during the reunion era none of the members contacted him to jump on tracks. It has been argued that the reunion era was mearly media hype and that the artists (including Snoop) were just working on  Cubes album and not an NWA reunion album hence why only two songs were released with the members, (Chin Check and Hello).

After a long hiatus from the industry it has been rumoured that Yella boy is coming back with an album called “West Coastin” scheduled release for this summer (2013) so be sure to check it out. No acts have been confirmed but watch this space!

In the words of LL

“Dont call it a comeback, iv been here for years!”


“I get a craving like I fiend for nicotine
But I don’t need a cigarette, know what I mean?
I’m raging, ripping up the stage and
Don’t it sound amazing ’cause every rhyme is made and

Thought of, ’cause it’s sort of an addiction
Magnetized by the mixing”

Eric B & Rakim
Track: Microphone Fiend
Album: Follow The Leader
Year: 1988


“We want sanitary food  Planetary conquest
Thug peoples on some hard cold body shit
Get your shit together before the fuckin’ Illuminati hit…”  

Artist: Wu Tang Clan
Track: Impossible
Album: Wu Tang Forever
Year: 1997

“Take Bill Clinton’s daughter. If she’s
willing to expose herself to learning about
hip-hop, what she has to do is leave the
White House and come live in the South
Bronx or Brooklyn. If she lives there —
nobody knowing that it’s the President’s
daughter or nothing — she has to meet a
guy, he has to dog her out. Dis her. Then
she got to meet a guy that she really likes
and dis him. Then she has to go to a party,
get caught up in a fight. Maybe she’s not
fighting, but see it. Feel the tension of it.
She has to drive with three other Black
youths in a car, and they driving and the
police are looking at them. She has to feel
the tension with the Black youth, and know
what that shit feels like. If she can
withstand that, then she too can become a
(Vibe, November 1995).